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You can Learn to Read Hebrew in Just Five Lessons!


5 Wednesday Evenings @ 7:30

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Join the Adult Hebrew Reading Classes!

Our stimulating and multi-sensory lessons make Hebrew reading classes enjoyable, easy and you will see results instantaneously!

This program has been proven to work! The games, props & textbooks will help you have a blast while you learn!

No prior knowledge of the Hebrew Alphabet is necessary.


The cost for a 5 week semester is $30 and a $90 text book and curriculum kit fee ($139.99 Value). 

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For more info contact: 510.300.4090 or email: Info@ChabadFremont.com

  The goal of Adult Education is to help us connect to our rich heritage and understand the reasons behind jewish practices. 

Chabad of Fremont would like to thank those who joined the Adult Education meeting and discussed the specific needs of our community. It is thanks to those individuals that these classes will take place.