What’s going on?

We commissioned our community’s first Torah Scroll. A scribe will be here to expertly complete the last letters live.

What's going to be happening?

5:00 pm: Reception at the Fuss Home where the Torah will be completed by a professional scribe who will write the final letters of 304,805 handwritten letters

5:45 pm: Ceremony, followed by procession to Chabad.

This event is free and open to the entire community.

Sounds interesting, will there be food?

Of course! A delicious BBQ dinner, appetizers, wine and desserts... it is a Chabad of Fremont event, so good food is a must.

Can I bring my kids?

Please do, this is an event that will remain etched in their hearts forever. 

What’s a Torah?

The Torah is our north star, a clocktower to guide us towards a meaningful and fulfilling life. It contains our history, traditions, and timeless messages. It is the centerpiece of a Jewish community. It is handwritten in Hebrew on parchment and takes about a year to complete.

What will happen at the celebration?

We will have live music, delicious food, lots of festivities, entertainment for the children, and you can even have the scribe write a letter for you. We will escort the Torah, amidst music and dancing, to its destination at the Chabad Jewish Center.

Where will the Celebration be?

The Torah Completion will take place at the Fuss Home. RSVP and we'll send you the address!

Who is it for?

Everyone! Adults, children, and everyone in between. Whether you have been at every Chabad event, or this will be your first, we'd love to celebrate with you, and are sure that you'll enjoy it!

When will this take place?

That's a good point! Thursday, May 19 at 5:00pm. 2022 is the year of choice.

How should I dress?

A Torah Celebration happens under a Chupah, a wedding canopy. Many people choose to dress up but you can dress however you feel comfortable. 

What kind of energy should I bring?

Joyous energy, DJ Ezzi will be joining us from LA and the vibes are going to be awesome.

Where should I park?

The Fuss Home and Chabad are a 7 minute (0.6 mile) walk from one another. You can choose to park by either. The event will begin at the house and end at Chabad.

After the ceremony, we will proceed by foot with music, balloons and torches to bring the Torah into it's new home- Chabad, where there will be a delicious desert buffet. We encourage you to walk with us, or you can follow with your car behind the procession.

What if I come late?

That's totally fine. Each step of this unique event is special, so come when you can.

How can I be a part?

Come! We’d be honored to have you join us to mark these momentous occasions. The best way to welcome a Community Torah is to have the entire community! The event is free and open to the whole community. There’s another way as well…

How else?

Well as a Community Torah, we are giving everyone the opportunity to dedicate a part of the Torah. From a letter, to a verse, to one of the Five Books of Moses. The main thing is to be a part. You are then a community partner in the writing of the Torah, which is a big Mitzvah!

What should I choose?

That’s a great question! Every part of the Torah is packed with meaning and significance. Think about what part of the Torah you feel most connected to. It can relate to a topic, a time of the year, or a letter of your name. If you would like some help to find the perfect fit, reach out to Rabbi Moshe or Chaya and they will be happy to discuss it with you.

Who is this Torah for?

YOU! And your family, and your friends, and your community.

It is a community Torah, indivisible and united, just like your community.

I still have some questions. Who can I contact?

Reach out to Rabbi Moshe at [email protected]