At Chabad of Fremont everyone is a member. Our open door policy and creative programming allow us to provide Jewish Experiences to people of all ages and backgrounds no matter where they are on their journey.

Unlike traditional synagogues, Chabad does not ask for membership dues.

Yet the vital work of ensuring Jewish Continuity needs to be fueled.

We pride ourselves in operating an extremely lean organization and stretching every dollar. But still, we do not receive any monetary support from any local or central Chabad Lubavitch Headquarters. Every cent that comes to our community stays within our community. 

Chabad is supported by a group of dedicated partners, who appreciate the importance of giving and want to create a better tomorrow. They do so by impacting the community through their monthly contributions.

They give out of love not out of obligation.

They give monthly, starting at $36 - $2000 and are equal partners in each soul touched, in each life changed and each friendship formed.

The aim is to generate $15,000 monthly to cover 50% of our annual budget

At any time you wish, you can increase, decrease or cancel your pledge
As a convenience, we recommend you choose our hassle-free monthly secure electronic credit card billing to be automatically charged on the first of every month. (or if preferred, the 16th of the month, by mentioning it in the comments)


With your monthly gift, we welcome you to the Partners in Jewish Life Club.  Join Now!  (choose the monthly option)


 Proud Members of the Partner's in Jewish Life Club!


Robert & Lindsey Aldag

Neal & Erica Greenberg

Vladimir Vysotsky

Shlomi & Meilin Bachar

Phyllis Golub

Fred & Dorit Reiss

David Barker

Hankin Family

Eli & Peili Rohn

Matt Herz

Marlene Hepp

Enya Ruderman

Brent & Tammy Blevis

Kanner Family

Chaim & Esther Scheibler

Ted & Karen Bresler

Tanya Kruglikov

Shaul Family

Tim Cannard & Bonnie Kellogg

Landes Family

Shapiro Family 

David & Tatyana Datko

Sandra Landes

Dmitry & Ella Sheyman

Aryeh & Edis Fuss

Henry & Stella Levin

Emily Sperber

Yosef Fuss

Mark & Marina Litvak

Steve & Wenyan Shuster


Peavy Family

Vilenkin Family

Dennis & Renay Gaye

Slava Raysberg

Anonymous x 3

 Avi Tamam and Tal Asher

Helene Gevertz

Richard & Diana Wilkotz