Camp Gan Izzy provides campers with a nutritious hot lunch and snacks for a charge of $35 per week. 

Lunch Menu 

Monday Baked Ziti - Veggies Platters & Peaches
Vegetable of the day - Kale
Tuesdays  Turkey Wraps - Quinoa - Fresh Salad & Strawberries
Vegetable of the Day - Roasted Cauliflower
Wednesday Picnic Lunch - Sandwiches - Baby Carrots - Applesauce
Vegetable of the Day - Avocados
Thursday Pizza - Fish Sticks - Hard Boiled Eggs & Fresh Fruit
Vegetable of the Day - Beets
Friday  Matzah Ball Soup - Chicken - Rice & Roasted Vegetables
Vegetable of the Day - Roasted Broccoli

In addition to the daily menu, there will be bread with spreads daily.



Morning Snack  Fresh fruits & Yoghurt
Afternoon Snack  "Crunchy" variety (popcorn, chips, pretzels etc.)

CGI does not distribute candy, soda or sugary foods, we do have small ice pops at afternoon pickup.