The truth behind the Purim story

Ever felt that the Purim story seemed just a little too perfect? Haman just “happened” to bump into Mordechai and, based on that single interaction, decide to kill all the Jews. The Persian king Achashverosh just “happened” to marry Esther—the one person with all the connections to fight for the Jewish people. Mordechai just “happened” to overhear a plot to kill Achashverosh, which would later put him in the king’s good graces right when he needed it most.

This March 14th, discover the truth behind the Purim story. Led by Rabbi Eli, this class will delve into what really happened during the Purim story, explore the meaning behind Purim’s various customs, and uncover the eternal message Purim has today.

When: Monday March 14th, 6pm

Where: Hybrid: In-person & on zoom
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