Discover the answers to your burning questions about Judaism in one night. 

Jews have been asking questions about our religion for millennia. Like who is G‑d? Why does He care what we do? Did Moses ever consider asking for directions after several years journeying through the desert? 

On June 11th—the first night of Shavuot—discover the answers to your burning questions about Judaism. Simply submit your question(s) using the form  below, and join us at Chabad at 7:30PM to discuss the answers with Rabbi Moshe and Rabbi Eli.  

Note: Questions can be submitted in advance here

Light dinner will be served. 

Not sure what to ask? Here are ideas:

  • What is the purpose of prayer?
  • What's so special about a Mitzvah?
  • What is Shavuot about?
  • What is G‑d and why are we so certain He even exists?
  • Why does Judaism have so many rules?
  • Does Judaism believe in a Messiah?