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Featured Events 

Thursday, August 13 Cremation or Burial

Everyone seems to be mustering the courage to have “The Conversation,” preparing for inevitable facts of life. But what about regarding afterlife? We will be hosting a highly-acclaimed Jewish expert on an often-pondered, rarely properly researched topic: Death and Beyond.

Doron Kornbluth, an educator living in Israel, speaks to all types of audiences in more than 50 cities and has authored five books. 

What do we know about death, burial vs. cremation, and life beyond? End-of-life decisions are often made without full awareness of these essential issues. In this presentation, Kornbluth will talk about  these rarely discussed, yet fundamental topics.

The “End of Life and Afterlife” talk will not be morbid. Rather, the charismatic, yet down-to-earth Kornbluth will provide eye-opening glimpses into the Jewish concept of the soul and how that impacts death, death-related decisions, and ultimately, life itself.   




  Ongoing Events 

Thursdays  FRENA COMES TO FREMONT - 6:30 pm
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Freshly Baked pastries​​​, challah, donuts & more. Humus Bodega brings Pita, Humus and an assortment of Mediterranean dips. Help support the Bay Area Kosher Industry.

Fridays  TORAH & TEA - 9:00 am
Join us each Friday Morning as we spend time connecting to the Torah & each other.

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