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Tuesday, May 26 UNLOCKING POTENTIAL - 8:00 pm
norcal.jpeg  An hour of life-transforming stories and encounters with the Rebbe that challenge us to actualize the potential within every human being and every moment of life.
Wednesday, May 27  Coffee & Social Hour - Shavuot Edition @ 7:30 pm
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Join Rabbi Moshe for a social hour all about Shavuot
Thursday, May 28 YEHUDA'S UPSHERNISH - 10:00 am.
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Please join us as we celebrate Yehuda's 3rd birthday, commemorating the start of his Jewish Education and very first Haircut.

SHAVUOT-TO-GO - 10:30 pm
In honor of Yehuda's Upshernish, please drive by at 10:30 to receive your ten commandments booklet, cheesecake, lasagna & other goodies!
Tuesday, June 2 COOKING WITH CHAYA & CO - 10:30 am
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Meatballs, Couscous & Green Beans.
ground Beef, eggs, spices, marinara sauce, tomato sauce, couscous, green beans,, olive oil & salt. 
Wednesday, June 3 JEWISH COURSE OF WHY - 7:30 pm
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Join Rabbi Moshe as we discover the answers to the most controversial and fun questions about Judaism.
Thursday, June 4 FRENA COMES TO FREMONT - 7:30 pm
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Freshly Baked pastries​​​, challah, donuts & more. Humus Bodega brings Pita, Humus and an assortment of Mediterranean dips. Help support the Bay Area Kosher Industry.
Friday, June 5 TORAH & TEA - 9:00 am
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Join us each Friday Morning as we spend time connecting to the Torah & each other.
Sunday, June 7 HEBREW SCHOOL GRADUATION - 10:30 am
HebrewSchool_Wide.jpg Mazal tov to the graduating class!
Monday, June 8 ROSH CHODESH SOCIETY - 10:00 am

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