Whether you're spending Rosh Hashanah at home or attending Socially Distanced Celebrations, this year is going to be different. 

Join Rabbi Moshe for an insightful series which will take you step by step 
through each Holiday, with insights, stories & handouts to make your Holiday more meaningful.
 Rosh Hashanah Warm-up   September 14 @ 6:30 pm
 Yom Kippur Warm-Up  September 25 @ 9:00 am
 Sukkot Warm-Up  October 2 @ 9:00 am





In preparation for the High Holidays this year, Chabad of Fremont Jewish Center invites you to join in as we bring the holy prayers of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur to life. 

For the first time ever, we will be joining together with Chassidic Superstar Eli Marcus on a musical journey through the High Holiday Prayers as we learn deep insights, stories and backgrounds of the words we pray during the High Holidays. 

Join us on Wednesday, September 16 at 6:00 pm at 
www.chabadfremont.com/zoom for an unforgettable experience to prepare us for the holiness of these special days.