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Monday November 22nd - 6:00 pm, Hybrid (in-person and on Zoom)
Making Sense of the Chanukah Story

We all know the Chanukah story. The ancient Greeks oppressed us. We fought back; miraculously, we won. When we came to the Temple, we could only find one jug of oil to light the Menorah, but miraculously, it kept burning for seven days until new oil arrived. Every year since, we've lit our own Menorah for eight days to commemorate the miracle of the oil. We all know that story.

Or do we?

Because when we analyze it, there are a lot of details from this story that seem to be missing. Why did the Greeks oppress us? How did a small band of rabbis defeat a Greek army? And if they did, isn't that the miracle we should be celebrating for 8 days? And if we light our Menorah because of the miracle that happened with the Menorah in the Temple, why does our Menorah look different from the one in the Temple?

Join Rabbi Eli and explore the story of Chanukah like you've never heard it before: replete with the customs of Chanukah, its mystical secrets, and the truth of what Chanukah is really about.

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